Investment Management

Investment Planning

An unbiased investment analysis and review is available to new fee based clients.

This begins with the gathering of information to create your personalized profile.  This profile will be used to assess your risk tolerance, identify current income needs, your long term investment goals, and to create your investment statement.

Once the investment statement is created, a full review of your current investment holdings will be completed.   This will include level of risk, income production, tax efficiency and historical performance.

You will receive a recommendation for revising your existing portfolio to align it with your new investment policy statement.

Investment Management Services

If you do not have a relationship with an investment management provider, I can implement your investment plan at Lincoln Fianancial Advisors.

My philosophy in managing a clients' investment portfolio is characterized by three fundamental beliefs:

  • Prudent investors should be adequately compensated for the risks they assume.
  • Prudent investors should be positioned for a reasonable probability of success relative to their goals.
  • Prudent investors should not be exposed to potentially avoidable catastrophic risks.