Serve First, Last, and Always (SM)

                                       Specializing in investment management programs, as well as retirement planning, I work with each client to help promote and enhance their financial security.  My holisitic financial planning objective is to guide you towards meeting your financial objectives.  As my client, you always receive confidential, customized, and personal service. 


     Successful financial planning brings all elements of your financial life into one clearly focused picture.  When you retain my services, you benefit from financial planning and personal service unparalleled in the industry.


     I take the time to fully understand you and your needs. Then I provide you with the information, advice and alternatives you need to make informed decisions about your financial future.  Sagemark Consulting's philosophy - "Serve First, Last and AlwaysSM " - was conceived over 60 years ago by legendary manager Stuart Smith and it still drives my practice today.






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Each client receives confidential, highly customized, personal servic